The specific objectives of our proposal are as follows:

  • To establish a biobank with biological samples, lifestyle-, demographic- and clinical data for a total of up to 4,300 cancer cases and 1,450 controls from the Romanian population;
  • To catalogue the genetic variation in the biological samples collected in objective a), using using a high-content genotyping chip and imputation of un-genotyped variants;
  • To assess the association between genetic variants and LuCa, BrCa, CRC and PrCa risk and disease phenotype;
  • To identify high-risk mutations underlying BrCa and CRC by whole-exome (or whole genome) sequencing of 100 unrelated cancer cases with family history of the disease (50 BrCa, 50 CRC).
  • To assess whether environmental/lifestyle risk factors and ethnicity modify genetic susceptibility to LuCa, BrCa, CRC or PrCa;