The major contribution of the Romanian partners in the EU-funded project ProMark was to collect prostate cancer cases and controls to use for replication of findings made in Iceland. The successful completion of ProMark confirmed that the Romanian population was well suited for replication of the Icelandic results and indicated that it would be highly advantageous for deCODE’s research to have access to more samples for different cancer types in this population. Ideally, whole-genome genotyping of samples from PrCa cancer cases and controls from the Romanian population would have greatly expanded the capabilities of both partners; however, this effort was much too costly to be feasible at the time that ProMark was in effect.

In case of funding from the EEA Research Programme, the collaboration between the partners would provide opportunities that would be of immense benefit for and the Romanian partners alike. Reciprocal replications of GWAS results in Iceland and Romania and combination of the datasets in a meta-analysis are but two of the approaches that could be taken. Furthermore, the extended phenotype data collected for the Romanian samples exceeds the depth of data available for most of the replication cohorts currently used by deCODE, further extending their usefulness.